Baga Nimba Shoulder Mask


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Original impressive Baga Nimba shoulder mask from Guinea with dark espresso stained patina These incredible large wood carved masks are worn on the shoulders and are among the most imposing of all African masks. They are thought to represent the idea of the fertile woman. The breast area of this mask is decorated with small metal tac details and represents carvings and symbols of scarification which is typical for these masks. This Baga mask serves as a double function: sterile women in the Simo society invoked Baga as a goddess of fertility and is used at the first-fruit (rice) rituals, symbolically associating female fertility with the increase of the grain. The masks are used by strong professional tribal dancers durning birth, marriage, harvest festivals and other celebrations. Carried on the shoulders the base area would have been covered by a raffia skirt to hide the wearer. This special mask demands attention and is a great piece to add to your collection.

Length 22 in
Depth 23 in
Height 60 in

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