Dogon Ancestor Couple


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Original Dogon Ancestor seated couple from southern cliff Mali. This impressive and large graphic composition constitutes an eloquent statement concerning the distinct and yet complementary roles of male and female partners as a harmonious unit of life. One of the most striking aspects of this indigenous carved couple is that the elongated bodies are depicted as a series of parallel vertical lines traversed by horizontals that draw them together. Sitting together as a couple seated on a stool held by additional three small couples. On the reverse side a small child clinging to the female's back and mother figure on the back of the male. There is also a pair of male and female figures sitting on the larger families knee while holding an adult pipe which may show the important correlation between family and growing old as a couple. This also may distinguish their respective role as nurturer and provider joined together to procreate and sustain life. Signs of age with good patina. Late 1800 to Early 1900s .

Length 20 in
Depth 20 in
Height 70 in

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