Dogon Soul Ladder


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Authentic small wood Dogon “soul ladder” A miniature version of the traditional large fork shaped wood carved ladders used to climb to tops of cliff dwellings, houses, and grain storage areas. This miniature ladder is an important sacred object for the Dogon people. In every Dogon house there is a room with an altar, on which sacred figures stand for different occasions and ceremonies. On such altars there is always also a small, yet very important, round clay pot. According to a religious belief of the Dogon people, the soul of the head of the clan is preserved inside this clay pot, and small miniature ladders, such as this one, lean against the pot (or are placed alongside it). This is because when the head of the clan dies, his soul must be able to climb out of its clay pot – with the help of these ladders – so that it may successfully reach the afterlife and the world of its ancestors. It is for this reason that these miniature ladders are also known as soul ladders. This piece has a head shape at each fork with intricate carving design around base.

Length 5 in
Depth 5 in
Height 20 in

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