Lobi Aluminum Scorpion Pot


Product sku AFR611FD12B


This striking and unusual aluminum Lobi pot with scorpion top handle and three dimensional scorpion images place on the sides adds to the strength and power of this piece. Signs of age and use with blackened areas. Great condition. This sacred spike covered surface discourages frequent handling which might disrupt its purpose. Pots like this one are used to contain medicines that protect against misfortune, illness, and witchcraft. They are most often placed in family shrines in small windowless interior rooms. The room contains an altar with groupings of similar vessels, wood, clay and metal figures used to connect with the spirit world. These powerful pots were also be placed in shrines in the courtyard of the family compound. The Lobi people are from southwest Burkina Faso in West Africa. Traditionally Lobi makers are women, but they believe that women can risk infertility by making spiritually powerful pots like this one. Therefore, only women who are past their reproductive years can make these special vessels then given to Lobi men to assume ownership of the pots and pass them down from father to son.

Length 10 in
Depth 10 in
Height 11 in

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