Old Nagaland Tribal Chief Panel


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Old authentic carved wood panel of an Naga Konyak warrior chief. Image of the chief with headdress, spear, and necklace of skull, along with other skull images which symbolize strength of the village and individual accomplishments. Nagaland is home to some of the world’s last surviving head hunters. They are known as fierce warriors who often attacked other nearby villages, taking heads of opposing warriors as trophies to declare their victory. The Naga or Konyak tribal people of northwest border area of India and Burma still exhibit very strong warrior traditions of bringing back the severed heads of the enemies after a conflict and storing them in the skull houses (Baan) each village or tribe had. Each man in the tribe was expected to contribute to the skull collection. Wonderful art display piece with symbolic history and tradition.

Length 24 in
Depth 3 in
Height 92 in

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