Old Tuareg Wood Bowl


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Beautiful old Tuareg wood bowl. The Tuareg people are nomadic pastoralists who inhabit the Saharan region of Northern Africa. They create beautifully hand carved wooden bowls that are light and easy to pack for their traveling journeys. These special utilitarian art objects are well used and show signs of imperfections and authentic repairs and metal patch work on some. Large pieces of wood are hard to come by in the Sahara, so cracked bowls are repaired rather than discarded and passed down though generations. Some have hanging rings or handles that were used to carry from place to place. The bottoms of these Tuareg bowls are rounded on the bottom to prevent spilling. We have slightly leveled the bottom for your ease of todays use or for display purposes.

Length 16 in
Depth 16 in
Height 6 in

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