Yoruba Opa Orisa Oka Iron Staff


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Authentic Orisa Oko iron staff from the Yoruba people of Nigeria. This iron staff was used by the female elder women of the Yoruba during ceremonies to wish for successful farming, crops, harvest, and fertility with the help of the Oko, Opa, Oria, or Oko which is the deity of agriculture and harvest (meaning God of harvest). Blacksmiths created these traditional heavy wood and iron staffs from old iron hoe blades and farming tools from previous successful harvests. These staffs were used in ceremony and then placed back in their intricate beaded sheaths and kept in shrines and altars for Oko which held the harvest power until the next harvest. The handle is hard wood with iron stud nails that hold the falcate-shaped handle repressing the power of man along female + symbol engraved in the center area. Delicate and intricate designs cover the lower staff on both sides with images of the internal life knotted design.

Length 2 in
Depth 2 in
Height 51 in

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