Original Vintage Asante Stool


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Antique chief's stool from the Asante people of Ghana. Original unique worn pale blue patina. The Asante consider these beautiful hand carved wood traditional stools to be quite significant. These domestic stools originally belonged to a certain individual and were only used by that person. When an Akan person sits on their stool, it is believed to absorb something of their essence - a phenomenon which increases with every use. When not occupied, the stool is turned on its side so that malevolence cannot seat itself on it. Often carved for chiefs, but some stools were carved by men to be presented to their brides as a symbol of loyalty. Each is unique with signs of wear and use with original marks or chipped areas to be expected. Great collector's piece to be displayed as art or used as a functional seat, footrest, or to display objects. Seat height is 16".

Length 24 in
Depth 12 in
Height 19 in

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