Statue Collection

Carved Wood Ganesha

Large Colorful Painted Iron Fish

Old Large Wood Hornbill Figure

Stone Java Buddha Head on Stand

Stone Garden Buddha Bust

Antique Fang Tribal Property Marker

Antique Bongo Property Marker

Stone Carved Buddha Head

Stone Mongolian Garden Geisha Statue

Stone Sitting Buddha

Stone Garden Buddha Bust

Stone Carved Sitting Buddha Plaque

Stacked River Rock Light House Post

Stacked River Rock Light House Post

Cast Faux Stone Buddha Head

Blackened Terra Cotta Warrior Statue

Timor Stone Property Marker

Bali Stone Buddha Head

Stone Garden Pagoda

Stone Garden Pagoda

Stone Garden Pagoda

Tall Stone Garden Pagoda

Stone Garden Pagoda

Stone Garden Pagoda

Large Stone Sitting Buddha

Sitting Medicine Buddha Garden Statue

Tibetan Bronze Buddha Statue

Antique Carved Wood Quan Yin Bust

White Marble Quan Yin

Stone Garden Buddha

Cast Stone Sitting Buddha

Cast Stone Garden Buddha

Large Vintage Senufo Prosperity Bird Statue

Vintage Wood Monkey on Wheels

Old Chinese Wood Sitting Buddha

Vintage Wood Painted Brahma Cow

Benin Bronze Leopard

Benin Bronze Leopard

Vintage Festival Giraffe on Stand

Large Free Form Tree Vine

Antique Nandi Bull Head

Old Baule Brass Monkey Pair

Antique Thai Makara Figure

Pair of Old Nepal Chair Legs

Mentawai Fish Pole Float Pair

Ivory Coast Colonial Male Figure

Antique Nepal Ancestry Post on Stand

Lette Antique Island Altar Fragment

Organic Tea Tree on Stand

Stone Timor Figure Property Marker

Old Indian Wood Tribal Figure

Antique Cast Iron Gandhi Figure

Small Stone Ganesha Statue

Old Fang Female Figure on Post

Antique Bronze Female Figure

Vintage Large Benin Bronze Leopard

Vintage Large Benin Bronze Leopard

Antique Indian Doll on Stand

Bozo Mali Fish Puppet

Dogon Male Figure

Cameroon Male / Female Fertility Figure

Ancestral Borneo Figures Pair

Original Old Naga House Post

Igbo House Post Nigeria

Dogon Ancestor Couple

Vintage Carved Nupe Post Nigeria

Burkina Faso Wood Figures

Antique Ox Cart Wheel on Stand

Senufo Twin Bird Headdress

Vintage Dogon Grain Ladder

Vintage Dogon Grain Ladder

Antique Cast Iron Street Post

Benin Bronze Leopard

Small Antique Chinese Figure

Antique Wood Carved Emperor Figure

Antique Wood Quan Yin Figure

Borneo Wood Female Figure

Borneo Male Hunter Figure

Antique Large Carved Vajra Statue

Vintage Vijra Warrior Wood Statue

Antique Sandstone Monk Head

Stone Geisha Garden Statue

Antique Thai Wood Elephant

Antique Nepal Wood Elephant

Antique Thailand Wood Puppet Head

Antique Zande Wood Headrest

Vintage Carved Wood Igbo Figure

Antique Carved Asante Figure

Vintage Wood Songye Figure

Vintage Carved Hemba Figure

Vintage Tribal Doll Trio on Base

Vintage Mambila Tadep Statue

Antique Javanese Wood Deer

Antique Javanese Wood Deer

Antique Lombok Deer Statue

Grey Stone Lion Statue

Afo Nigerian Bird Figure Female

Stone Quan Yin Statue

Stone Garden Foo Dog Lion Pair

Bozo Fish Puppet on Stand

Vintage Kalin Stone Foo Dog Pair

Antique Wood Maharani Figure

Abstract Mahogany Form on Stand

Tall Terra Cotta Garden Pagoda

Songye Nkisi Kifwebe Power Figure

Stone Timor Property Marker

Songye Power Figure

Senufo Prosperity Bird Statue

Senufo Prosperity Bird Statue

Vintage Wood Painted Brahma Bull

Large Benin Bronze Leopard

Afo Nigerian Bird Figure

Large Senufo Hornbill Figure

Benin Bronze Rooster

Stone Carved Volcanic Dancing Ganesha

Dan Bassa Spoons Liberia

Vintage Buddha & Kamasutra Carving

Original Musi Couple Ivory Coast

Antique Javanese Deer

Vintage Black Stone Hebei Horse

Ngbaka Banya Figure

Abstract Mango Wood Form on Stand

Old Maka Wood Irrigation Wheel

Vintage Iron Painted Giraffe

Pair of Vintage Sumba Stone Figures

Carved Stone Sitting Garden Buddha

Vintage African Tall Property Post

Vintage Senufo Prosperity Bird Figure