Bamboo Strip Cage Pendant Light Small

Outdoor Faux Rattan Globe Pendant Large

Split Raw Rattan Pumpkin Lantern 40"

Kuba Seagrass Lantern Large

Coconut Palm Urn

Ebony Java Wood Bowl

Ebony Java Wood Carved Bowl

Tiered Wood Candle Stand Tower

Carved Wood Ball Candle Tower

Carved Wood Candle Stand Tower

Cast Stone Umbrella Stand

Stacked Slate Planter Pot

Stacked Slate Planter Pot

Faux Rattan Drop Pendant Light Small

Faux Rattan Drop Pendant Light Medium

Faux Rattan Drop Pendant Light Large

Standing Green Stone Garden Buddha

Green Stone Sitting Garden Buddha

Carved Stone Sitting Garden Buddha

Large Stone Buddha Bust

Organic Teak Root Bench

Organic Teak Root Bowl

Rattan Woven Sofa & Chairs w/ Table

Monkey Pod Wave Side Table

Organic Teak Root Chair

Capiz Shell Globe Lantern 18

Capiz Shell Globe Lantern 25

Capiz Shell Globe Lantern 30

Capiz Shell Globe Lantern 36

Capiz Shell Globe Lantern 12

Moon Drop Rattan Pendant

King Espresso Bamboo Canopy Bed

Rain Drop Rattan Pendant Small

Rain Drop Rattan Pendant Large

Raw Wicker Gourd Pendant Lrg.

Rattan Dome Lantern Large

Rattan Dome Lantern Medium

Rattan Dome Lantern Small

Vintage Manchuria Sideboard

Grand Raw Wicker Peacock Chair

Wicker Bulb Lantern Small

Rattan Dumpling Lantern Large

Rattan Donut Drop Lantern Small

Rattan Donut Drop Lantern Medium

Rattan Donut Drop Lantern Large

Antique Javanese Offering Plate

Black 3 Leg Gumdrop Stool

Yellow Mosaic Globe Lantern Large

Blue Mosaic Globe Lantern Large

Red Mosaic Globe Lantern Large

Red Mosaic Globe Lantern Small

Green Mosaic Globe Lantern Small

Red Mosaic Bucket Light MED

Antique Balinese Wedding Bed

Reclaimed Boat Wood Round Bistro Table with 4 Stools

Reclaimed Boat Wood Stools

Reclaimed Wood Art Wall Panel

Vintage India Sand Stone Bowl

Old Wheel Axel Candle Stand

Antique India Carved Wood Triple Archway

Wood Plate Set of 3

Large Old India Doorway Mirror

Cane Arch Armoire

Bamboo Ring Chair

Antique Copper Pot

Antique India Copper Barrel

Weave Peacock Chair

Old Agra Teak Coffee Table

Banana Leaf Chair with side table

Rattan Pumpkin Lantern

Raw Rattan Pod Lantern

Rattan Sectional with Side Table

Modern Ebony Two Beam Bench

Rattan Basket with Lid

Ebony Slab Coffee table

Tamarind Wood Stump Side table

Monkey Pod Slingshot Side Table

Monkey Pod Stump Side Table

Tall Back Peacock Chair

Rattan Tear Drop Pod with Table

Bamboo Lounge Chair

Petrified Wood Stump Stool

Petrified Wood Cube Side Table

Petrified wood Stump Stool

Petrified Wood Stump Stool

Petrified Wood Stump Stool Table

Petrified Woos Stump Stool Table

Large Antique India Entry Gate